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What Should Your Birth Plan Include ?



A birth plan should be a simple, clear one to two page statement. I say this because you don’t want it to be too stringent. Definitely try to remain flexible in your desires because things, especially labor and childbirth don’t goes as planned. This does not mean that you should be quick to give up the kind of labor you want. There are other options that can be discussed, if things began going in a different direction. You must do some research regarding the facility in which you plan to deliver. Review their routine procedures and decide which you agree or disagree with. Also, will you be having a doula attend your birth? What are your plans for mobility and fetal monitoring (continuous/intermittent)? Do you plan to have pain medications, epidural and/or IV? Are there any specific comfort measures that you plan to utilize. For example, massage, warm bath/shower, aromatherapy, deep breathing or imagery. What positions do you intend to labor and birth your baby in? Finally, do you want delayed cord clamping done? Most hospitals do skin to skin immediately after delivery and try to initiate breastfeeding within the first hour after delivery, but if your facility does not, you may want to include this in your birth plan.

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