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Packing For The Hospital



Packing For The Hospital

My best advice is to pack two separate bags. This will prevent your support person from carrying around unnecessary things. The first should be your labor and delivery bag. These are all the things you will need upon arriving to the hospital, during your labor and immediately after the birth of the baby. The second bag will be your post partum bag. This bag will include everything you will need after arriving to your postpartum room and should include items for your baby as well.

Labor and Delivery bag:
➢ Birth plan
➢ Insurance information and ID (some hospitals have pre-registration)
➢ Clear liquids/popsicles for mom
➢ Snacks for support person
➢ Comfy socks/slippers
➢ Chap stick (a must!!!)
➢ Birthing ball
➢ Essential oils and diffuser or flameless candles
➢ Camera
➢ Sports bra (in case you want to shower or get into the bathtub)
➢ Cell phone charger
➢ Music
➢ Body pillow
➢ Massagers
➢ Baby books (footprints)
➢ Contact list

Post partum bag:
➢ Toiletries and makeup bag (most hospitals provide disposable underwear and pads)
➢ 3 pairs of loose fitting pjs or sweatpants/shirts
➢ 2 Nursing bras (most hospitals have nursing pads)
➢ Pair of clothes to wear home (~5 month maternity size)
➢ 3 outfits for baby (hospital photos and an outfit to go home in (pack a hat)
➢ Contact lens case and solution
➢ Flip flops (for shower)
➢ Blanket to bring baby home in

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