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Benefits Of Vernix



Benefits of Vernix

Vernix Caseosa is the thick waxy substance that is seen on your baby’s skin after delivery. It has several amazing benefits that will make you reconsider bathing your baby too soon after birth. These benefits include the following:

* Vernix has antimicrobial properties, that can protect your baby against bacteria both inside and outside the womb
* Vernix acts as a lubricant as your baby goes through the birth canal, which helps minimize birth trauma
* It helps babies with thermoregulation. This means that vernix may help your baby in keeping his/her temperature from dropping too low after delivery
* Protection against the amniotic fluid !!! What would your skin look like after being in a pool for nearly 10 months ??!!?? This waxy substance seals baby’s skin, protecting it while baby is in the womb
* Finally MOISTURE !! Vernix has the natural ability to keep your baby skin moist

This stuff is incredible and the reasons why you may want to reconsider bathing your newborn too soon after delivery. Instead rub the vernix into your baby’s skin !!!

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