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Baby Wearing



Baby Wearing

Baby wearing is the practice of keeping your baby or toddler close to you during daily activities using one of the many baby carriers currently available. Baby wearing has sooooooooooo many benefits and is not limited to just moms.

So lets get to it !!! What are the many benefits of this under used practice:

  • Carried babies may cry less. We’re talking like 43% less!!!!!!
  • Carried babies learn more. A baby that spend less time crying, spends more time in a state of quiet alertness, which allows them to learn more from their environments
  • It prevents flat heads- Babies that are worn in slings, are not on their backs, so plagiocephaly or a flattened head doesn’t occur.
  • Caregiver is hands free!!!!!!!!! This is major. Now you can fold those onesies you’ve had on the bed for days or cruise the mall without a stroller.
  • Baby wearing makes public breastfeeding easier
  • Exercise for mom – Yes ladies you can get cardio and weight training all in one!!!
  • Increases milk production- skin to skin contact increases prolactin and oxytocin levels, the two hormones need for breast milk production and let down.
  • Promotes language development- this view is perfect for babies to see faces and learn language
  • Physical development- babies that are “worn” develop physical strength faster (neck support)
  • Cost effective – a baby carrier or sling is typically less expensive than a stroller

So the moral of the story is WEAR YOUR BABIES !!!!! It’s fun for you and baby and equally beneficial.

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