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What’s Needed For An Epidural



What's Needed For An Epidural

Just a quick post letting you all know what is necessary when receiving an epidural, so you will know exactly what to expect during your labor:

  1. Consentthe anesthesiologist will come and discuss the procedure with you, including risks and benefits
  2. IV fluidsto make sure you are adequately hydrated, because the medication may lower your blood pressure
  3. Continuous fetal monitoringto ensure that baby is okay during the administration of the medication
  4. Urinary catheterthis is inserted into your bladder because you will be numb from about your abdomen down and won’t be able to walk to the bathroom and or feel when your bladder fills up
  5. Blood pressure cuffto continuously monitor your blood pressure because the medication used may lower it
  6. Oxygen saturation monitorto check your oxygen level and breathing rate. The medication used is a narcotic and may slow your rate of breathing.

*** Remember that you will be numb from about the top of your abdomen down, so you will not be able to walk around or use standing positions during your labor ***

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